Is Toothpaste Harmful When Swallowed & Ingested?

As parents ourselves, we understand first hand that children often like to consume things they shouldn’t. Toothpaste is not excluded from this list. As your child gains independence and starts taking their oral hygiene routine into their own hands, it’s important to know what precautions you should take when dealing with toothpaste. Read our blog post for details!

Teeth-Friendly Lunchbox Ideas

A healthy diet is imperative for strong teeth and lasting smiles, but foods kids love are often lacking in the nutrition they need to thrive. The good news is, there is a way to help your kids maintain great oral health while pleasing their appetites at lunchtime. Read our blog post for teeth-friendly lunchbox ideas.

5 Dental Hygiene Tips for Kids

Read our blog post for tips to encourage your child to establish an outstanding oral hygiene routine. We understand it can be difficult to keep your kids motivated to brush and floss their teeth. Our suggestions are sure to jazz up the oral care of your entire family! Schedule your child’s next dental cleaning and checkup at our office today.