Why Dental Visits Should Be a Priority During the New Year

As the New Year unfolds, it’s the perfect time to reassess priorities and set the foundation for a healthier future. While resolutions often revolve around fitness and nutrition, one aspect that deserves special attention is dental health. Read our blog post where we share five reasons why dental visits should be a priority during the new year.

Is Toothpaste Harmful When Swallowed & Ingested?

As parents ourselves, we understand first hand that children often like to consume things they shouldn’t. Toothpaste is not excluded from this list. As your child gains independence and starts taking their oral hygiene routine into their own hands, it’s important to know what precautions you should take when dealing with toothpaste. Read our blog post for details!

What Causes Bad Breath?

Have you or your loved ones noticed that your breath isn’t always smelling the freshest? Are you unsure what’s causing your bad breath? You’re not alone! Many people struggle with bad breath. Read our blog post where we break down some of the leading causes of of bad breath and give you some pointers for getting rid of it.