Gentle Wisdom Teeth Removal in Jackson, TN

Our wisdom teeth—third set of molars—are notorious for causing issues. They usually come in around the ages of 15 and 25. These molars are known to create problems including crowding, damaging, or pushing other teeth, and more. When you visit us for your biannual check up, we’ll be able to assess whether or not your wisdom teeth will negatively affect your oral health—even if they haven’t erupted yet!


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When Is Wisdom Teeth Removal Necessary?

While every patient is different, there are a variety of factors we take into consideration when determining whether or not wisdom teeth removal is the right option. You may need your wisdom teeth extracted if they are:

  • Changing the alignment of your bite
  • Coming in at an angle
  • Crowding other teeth
  • Pressuring other teeth
  • Stuck underneath your gums

What to Expect During Your Wisdom Teeth Extraction

We’ll thoroughly numb the area around your teeth before we begin. Then, we’ll administer any necessary sedation that was decided on beforehand. If the teeth have erupted, we’ll gently remove them with forceps. If they’re completely or partially beneath the gums, we will make a small incision to access them. While the thought of a tooth extraction may sound intimidating, don’t worry. Our team works with a soft touch and goes above and beyond to ensure that you’re comfortable throughout the entire procedure.

Oral Surgery Aftercare

Once your extraction is complete, we’ll send you home with a detailed set of aftercare instructions to make sure you have a smooth and speedy recovery. From pain management to dietary restrictions to your hygiene regimen, we’ll give you all of the information you need to make your recovery process stress-free!

Are your wisdom teeth bothering you?

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