Routine Dental Cleanings & Dental Exams in Jackson, TN

If it’s been a while since you’ve last seen your dentist or if it’s about that time of year again, call Jackson Smiles Family Dentistry to schedule your dental cleaning and exam. Deter dental disasters with our thorough, family-friendly services.

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How Are Exams & Cleanings Performed?

First, your mouth is examined for any potential problems. If there’s an area of significance, your dentist will decide the best treatment option before moving forward. Then, your teeth are scraped clean of plaque and tartar.

Next, your teeth are polished with a gritty toothpaste to catch anything the scaler instrument missed. Then it’s floss, rinse, fluoride, and done! Some patients are in and out in as little as thirty minutes.

Why Do I Need Routine Dental Cleanings & Dental Exams?

Good oral hygiene habits at home are a great defense for your mouth, but plaque and tartar are determined. Only a dentist can remove hardened tartar. Further, your mouth tells us a lot about your overall health. If we notice anything that needs attention, we can catch it early and help you address any causes for concern.

How Much Do Routine Cleanings Cost?

Cleaning costs will vary from patient to patient, so it’s best to call us and schedule a consultation for a better look at what you can expect to pay. If you have insurance, your routine cleanings and exams are often covered in full by insurance.

We believe everyone should have access to affordable dental care, so we offer our own in-house Jackson Smiles Dental Plan. Check out our financial page for more information on ways to pay for your care.

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