Family Dentistry in Jackson, TN

When we say comprehensive, we mean it! Jackson Smiles Family Dentistry is a one-stop destination for your whole family’s dental care. It doesn’t matter if it is your child’s first visit or your grandpa’s routine checkup; we have got you covered. We also offer family-block appointments to fit dental care into your busy schedule. This means the whole family can get worked on during the same visit. Talk about convenience!

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Jackson TN Preventive Dental - Jackson Smiles

Preventative and Gum Treatments

Brushing twice a day and consistently flossing is wonderful habit for your oral health, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t susceptible to sneaky and troublesome plaque build-ups. That’s where we come in! Our experienced team of dental hygienists is specially trained to care for your teeth and gums, which, along with your diligent brushing at home, will keep your smile in top-notch shape. We have the training to catch and alleviate potential trouble areas, which in turn means less dental work down the road.

It is important to your oral health to maintain routine checkups so we can catch any problem before it grows into a major issue. We believe your smile deserves to have a long and healthy life.

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Restorative Dentist in Jackson TN

Restorative Dental Care

Whether you’re prone to accidents or not, dental injuries can happen to the best of us. But fret not! We can make even the most unfortunate dental tragedy seem like it never happened. From implants to root canals, let us turn your dental injury into a distant memory. Jackson Smiles Family Dentistry offers full comprehensive restorations, so no referrals to specialists are needed; Dr. Patel will take care of your right in our office!

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Dental Implants

We provide dental implant services to our patients, including start-to-finish dental implants as well as mini implants. Replacing your missing or decayed teeth with dental implants will completely revolutionize how you feel about your smile! You’ll be able to eat, smile, and laugh with confidence again. We even offer a free dental implant consultation. Contact us today to start your journey to a healthier, more attractive smile.


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Tooth Replacement Options

Kid-Friendly Dentist in Jackson TN

Kid-Friendly Care

If you have been searching for an experienced family dentist in Jackson, TN, look no further than Jackson Smiles Family Dentistry. Because the word “family” is in our name, you can rest assured that our team has experience working with many different families, all with unique dental needs and backgrounds. When it comes to offering kid-friendly dental care, we always work at a pace that is comfortable for kids and ensure that they are informed about what they can expect to happen during their appointments. At our Jackson family dentistry, our friendly, knowledgeable team loves working with patients of all ages, so feel free to schedule appointments for both you and your little ones!

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