What Causes Bad Breath?

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Have you or your loved ones noticed that your breath isn’t always smelling the freshest? Are you unsure what’s causing your bad breath? You’re not alone! Many people struggle with bad breath, also known as halitosis. We’ll break down some of the leading causes of this issue and give you some pointers for getting your breath and your self-confidence back on track!

Leading Causes of Bad Breath

Believe it or not, there are quite a few factors that can affect the smell of your breath! Here are some of the most common causes of halitosis:

  • Alcohol
  • An Excess of Sugar Intake
  • Chronic Dry Mouth
  • Gum Disease
  • Odor-Causing Food & Drink Particles
  • Poor Oral Hygiene Habits
  • Smoking
  • Some Medications
  • Underlying Health Conditions

How to Treat or Minimize Bad Breath

As you can see, there are a slew of things that can negatively impact your breath and leave you feeling nervous and insecure when talking to peers, speaking at meetings, meeting new people, and more. However, you shouldn’t have to feel like you’re stuck with it! Depending on the cause, there are a variety of options to tackle the odor, including:

  • Attending Biannual Dental Checkups
  • Brushing Twice a Day for Two Minutes
  • Eating Healthier
  • Eliminating Tobacco Use
  • Drinking Lots of Water
  • Flossing At Least Once a Day
  • Speaking with a Healthcare Professional
  • Swishing Antiseptic Mouthwash
  • Treating Dry Mouth
  • Using Fluoridated Toothpaste & Drinking Fluoridated Water

Get the Fresh Breath You Deserve

Are you currently struggling with chronic bad breath? Don’t let it get you down any longer! Our friendly, judgment-free team at Jackson Smiles Family Dentistry can help you find a treatment or solution to get your halitosis under control. We believe that everyone should feel confident in their smile and we’ll do what we can to help you achieve just that! Please contact us to book your in-person halitosis consultation.

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