Should You Pull Loose Baby Teeth?

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From the age of six until the age of twelve or so, kids will slowly lose their baby teeth as their adult teeth develop. At Jackson Smiles Family Dentistry, we get tons of questions from both kids and their parents about loose teeth, missing teeth, and even the occasional question about the tooth fairy! Today, we want to share some information on why teeth become loose and how you can ensure that new teeth grow in healthy and strong.

Why Do Teeth Become Loose?

Most kids lose teeth in the order they got them: bottom front teeth first, followed by top front teeth with back teeth last. Baby teeth become loose as the permanent teeth start to penetrate the baby tooth’s roots.

Should You Pull a Loose Baby Tooth?

We advise against pulling a loose baby tooth. Most children are so fascinated by their loose teeth that they gentle wiggle teeth on their own until they came out. This patience is typically rewarded with less pain and blood when the tooth does come out. It also eliminates the trauma some kids experience when they think about their teeth falling out.

What Are the Dangers of Pulling a Loose Baby Tooth?

In addition to causing pain and bleeding, pulling a loose baby tooth can have other consequences. Pulling a tooth prematurely could lead to nerve damage and can irritate gums. Although it may take up to a few weeks for a tooth to fall out, just tell yourself and your little one that the tooth will come out when it’s ready. However, if you do notice any swelling or redness around the tooth, let our office know. Dr. Patel has a kind and gentle manner that puts kids at ease when they visit the office.

We’re Here for You in Jackson, TN

While we can’t give too many details about the tooth fairy away, we are happy to be a resource to kids and parents as they navigate this important stage in the development of a healthy mouth. We offer a wide range of services tailored for our young patients from pediatric cleanings and exams to sealants and fluoride treatments. We want to keep the baby teeth and the permanent teeth that are replacing them healthy and strong. To ask our team any questions about your child’s development or to schedule your next appointment, call our office today!

Losing baby teeth is an important rite of passage! Contact us with any questions about your family's oral health.

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