Could a Sinus Infection Indicate a Dental Issue?

Brunette woman wearing a yellow sweater cringes in pain and touches her cheek due to oral pain from a sinus infection

Several of our patients have complained that they often simultaneously experience sinus pain and tooth pain. The sinuses are very close to the upper teeth; the maxillary sinus is near the molars and premolars with only a thin sheet of bone as separation. This means that bacteria can spread from the sinuses to the gums and teeth, and vice versa. Because the sinus cavity and teeth are so closely linked, it’s important to be aware that issues with one can also indicate a problem with the other.

Dental Abscess & Sinus Infection

An estimated 20% of maxillary sinus infections are linked to oral health problems, such as gum disease. Gum disease can range from mild to severe inflammation, irritation, and even infection of the gum tissue and bone surrounding the teeth. Diseased gums and infected bone can spread to the bone that separates the teeth from the sinuses. The spread of bacteria and infection from one place to the other irritates your nerves and sparks pain that warns your brain that something is wrong. An abscess is an infection that impacts the inner chamber (root canal) of the tooth. If a dental abscess is present, it can lead to pus pockets, gum recession, extreme tooth pain, bone loss, and even tooth loss. Abscesses require treatment ASAP to protect your oral health from further damage!

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If you’re having pain in your sinuses and/or your teeth, we want to see you right away. If it’s an abscess, we will treat it to eliminate infection and pain in both the sinus cavity and your mouth. You’ll experience dental relief when the cause of your pain is addressed, whether it’s through root canal therapy or a special treatment for gum disease. We are highly skilled at treating all kinds of dental problems and will make you as comfortable as possible.

This is the time of year for colds and respiratory infections. If you notice your illness is associated with oral pain, call us!

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