Foods That Are Bad for Your Teeth

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Just like some foods can be bad for your general health, there are some that can also be bad for your smile! It’s important to know which foods aren’t tooth-friendly and which foods may cause harm to your oral health in the long run. Keep reading to learn more about which foods are bad for your teeth!

Dried Fruit

Most people assume that dried fruit is a healthy snack option with no negatives. While it’s better than eating junk food or potato chips, dried fruit can actually hurt your oral health! Dried fruit is incredibly sticky and can get trapped in hard-to-reach places in the mouth, such as behind molars and in between teeth. Dried fruit also has a large sugar concentration compared to its fresh counterparts. If dried fruit gets lodged in certain areas of your smile, acids may start to wear away at the surrounding tooth enamel.


Most everyone loves bread, right?! However, did you know that saliva breaks bread down into sugar while being chewed? More refined bread, like white bread, poses an even larger threat to your smile. When chewed, white bread becomes a sticky clump that gets stuck everywhere inside the mouth. If you can’t avoid bread altogether, go for a loaf of honey wheat, whole grain, or whole wheat option instead of white bread.

Sweets & Desserts

When sugar and carbs are left on teeth, they create an acidic reaction with plaque and bacteria. This acid eats away at tooth enamel and can be detrimental to your dental health. Try to limit your sugar intake and if you have a sweet tooth, make sure you’re rinsing your mouth with water or brushing after eating candy and desserts!

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