The Most Common Causes of Cavities

girl looking in the mirror brushing her teeth to avoid tooth decay and cavities

Today on the blog, we are talking tooth decay. We’ll break down the most common causes of cavities. Read on so that you can be proactive and avoid developing cavities.

Poor Oral Care

The fact is, you have to spend time caring for your teeth in order to ward off cavities. That means brushing at least twice a day. And when you do brush, you’ve got to do it for a full two minutes, and you should use a fluoride toothpaste for extra tooth strengthening power. And don’t stop at brushing, be sure to floss daily too–or else you’ll be neglecting those hard to reach areas that brushing can’t access. Without great oral care, your mouth will house dangerous plaque. Plaque produces acids that go after the tooth enamel, eventually creating holes known as cavities.

Unhealthy Diet

Eating well goes hand-in-hand with caring for your teeth–it’s just as important. That’s because sticky, sugary, and starchy foods will all cause you to develop cavities in your teeth if you eat them regularly. Dangerous foods like these encourage the development of plaque, and eventual decay.

Dry Mouth

Sometimes, your body can work against you, making things harder. This is true for people with dry mouth. With dry mouth, you don’t produce an adequate amount of saliva. Saliva is your mouth’s natural defense against cavities, as it contains enzymes that fight plaque bacteria. With a shortage of saliva flowing through the mouth, your teeth will be vulnerable.

Fighting Cavities with Our Help

You don’t stand a chance against cavities without our help. In addition to the reasons listed above, missing your bi-annual dental cleanings could leave you with a mouth full of decay. Don’t let that happen to you, give our office a call to book your next appointment at Jackson Smiles!

Preventive care is key to avoiding tooth decay! Contact us with any questions about your oral health.

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