The 3 Best & Worst Halloween Treats for Your Teeth

Halloween is here which means candy! Like most parents, you probably worry about your children eating too much candy, but have you thought about their teeth? Here are the 3 best & worst Halloween treats for your teeth.


The Best

1. Chocolate

Chocolate (especially dark chocolate) doesn’t stick around on the tooth’s surface like other candies. It rinses off easily scaring away spooky bacteria that try to attack the teeth.

2. Sugar-free Lollipops/Sugar-free Hard Candies

Don’t be scared off of the hard things if they are sugar-free. Sugar-free candies stimulate the production of saliva which reduces dry mouth. Dry mouth can leave goblins of plaque on the teeth.

3. Sugar-free Gum

Sugar-free gum doesn’t leave any sugary residue on teeth and can also help dislodge ghosts and ghouls hiding between the teeth. 

The Worst

1. Sour Candies

Kids may love sour candies but these little monsters increase acidity levels in the mouth which affect the tooth’s enamel. 

2. Caramels and Taffy

These yummy treats seem sweet, but sticky candies stick to the tooth’s surface, as well as, in between teeth for quite awhile. The longer they hang around, the longer the bacteria attacks the tooth. 

3. Jawbreakers or other Hard Sugary Candies

Besides the fact that the sugar is bad for your little trick-or-treater, biting down on hard candies can chip teeth or cause damage to any existing dental work or appliances. 

Enjoy Halloween but remember which candies are the best and the worst! No matter what candy is consumed, make sure your child brushes, flosses, and rinses as soon as they can after eating. 

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