How to Handle a Holiday Dental Emergency

woman holds an ice pack to her face after a dental emergency

There is no pressure greater than feeling and looking your best during the holiday season. So, when an unexpected dental emergency happens, it can feel more urgent and stressful, leaving you panicking about what to do.

Here’s how to handle a holiday dental emergency so you can still smile in the group photos!

Call Your Emergency Dentist

Instead of handling the emergency yourself, call your emergency dentist to see if they can squeeze you in. Visiting a dental professional as soon as possible gives your tooth a fighting chance. Even if they can’t get you in the same day, the dentist can direct you on what to do for your specific emergency.

While you wait to get seen by the emergency dentist or get help to call one, here are a few ways you can ease pain or maintain the status of your oral health at home.

Keep Your Mouth Clean

Rinsing your mouth with a saltwater solution can help prevent an infection from developing. Besides rinsing your mouth each time you eat, steering clear from chewing on the side of the dental trauma can also help prevent bacteria from reaching the nerve or gums.

Stop the Bleeding

If a tooth has been broken, chipped, or knocked out and is bleeding, rinse out the mouth, and stop the bleeding with a gauze. Be sure to collect any tooth pieces that may be possible to restore.

Apply Ice

If you’re experiencing swelling, applying an ice pack to the area can help relieve pain and inflammation. Press an ice pack against the area for thirty minutes every two hours until the swelling goes down.

Dental Emergency Precautions

While emergencies are unpredictable, eating sweets in moderation, focusing on less stress to avoid teeth grinding, and following regular brushing and flossing routines can make the difference in avoiding a dental emergency this holiday season.

Emergency Dental Care in Jackson, TN

If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, a dislodged tooth, or a cracked tooth, you’re at a greater risk for infection. Give our office a call if you need an emergency dentist in Jackson, TN. Our team at Jackson Smiles is always here to help you through a dental emergency to relieve discomfort as soon as possible!

Learn how to handle a holiday dental emergency!

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