Will Dentures Affect My Speech?

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If you’ve reached a point in your dental health journey where you need dentures, you probably have a ton of questions about how that choice will affect your current lifestyle. Dentures are a tried-and-true method of replacing missing teeth, but it is true that they take some getting used to. One part of this adjustment process is getting used to the way speaking feels with dentures in. The good news with a bit of time and practice, you won’t notice any difference in your speech.

Speaking with Dentures

Since the position of your teeth affects how you speak, it’s understandable that putting in dentures might change things a little. When you get dentures, your dentist will work to check the position and fit of your dentures to minimize any potential issues. As you become more accustomed to wearing your dentures, these differences in speech will return to normal with time. If for some reason you’re having continued issues with speaking when your dentures are in, you should speak to your dentist to discuss a readjustment of the appliance.

Speech Exercises with Dentures

One way you can adjust to speaking with dentures is to practice reading out loud at home. Grab whatever book you have nearby and slowly read it to yourself out loud slowly. That way you can work out the sounds in a private, judgment-free space. You may find that there are certain words that are a bit harder to say than others like words with the letters “s” or “f.” Just like any other skill, it’ll all get easier over time with more practice.

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