How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

Read our blog for tips on preventing the need for a root canal. But rest easy if you find you need root canal therapy. It’s not as scary as it sounds. The procedure for removing an infected root is fairly routine and we are experienced caring for your oral health at Jackson Smiles Family Dentistry.

Is Dental Health Genetic?

Check out our blog post to learn about 5 oral health issues that are influenced by genetics, from tooth discoloration to gum disease. Even if your genes make you more prone to these conditions, our team can still help you have great oral health with our preventive, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services.

Why Are People so Afraid of Root Canals?

Root canal. Even the words themselves are enough to terrify people. But the truth is that root canal procedures are not that bad! Actually, getting a root canal can be very similar to getting a normal cavity filling. This is thanks to advances in modern dentistry that make the procedure fast, safe, and relatively painless. […]